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Amazing Ceramic Coating and Paint Protectionin Orange County

Wise Guys Detailing  is the go-to paint protection company in Orange County! Here you will find what a ceramic coating is, the benefits of ceramic coatings and what they do.

Ceramic coating is a nano liquid polymer, and when applied to the surface adds a sacrificial layer that bonds to your clear coat. Ceramic coatings are harder, smoother, more chemical resistant than a factory clear coat. It will enhance the glow of your paint. It replaces the need to wax your car for the duration of your chosen coating i.e. 18 month 5 year 9 year etc. The benefits to having a ceramic coating are: Your car will stay cleaner longer, washing your car becomes easier, swirl resistant, feels smooth and has self cleaning properties.

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With so many different options and misleading information on the internet, we at Wiseguys Detailing have worked with and tested many top name ceramic coatings and a lot of them are great! But to simplify what we thought would be the best glass coating to offer for longevity, gloss, and slickness, we chose Gtechniq and SB3 Coatings for our customers. If you have any questions about the brands we use below, feel free to email, call or text us . We look forward to hearing from you!

Product Listings

Gtechniq - Smart Surface Science

Gtechniq Price starting at:

  • Exo - 18 month coating
  • CSL - 5 year coating
  • CSU - 9 year coating
  • Add EXO to top CSL or CSU
  • Each package includes Decon Wash Clay and primer polish
  • Interior Coating includes: Seats, Carpets, All plastic and vinyl
  • Wheels off coating plus calipers

Paint Corrections

Paint correction is the process of leveling (removing) clear coat of imperfections using different types of polishers with specialty pads, compounds, and polishes. This process will typically remove water spots, over spray, wash scratches, wipe down marks, bird dropping surface stains, oxidation, and buffer holograms.

  • Annual Coating Maintenance
    Includes wash, decontamination and top seal


Crystal Serum Ultra is an excellent paint protection product, with a 9-year guarantee. The mixture of a 10H hard layer and a 7H flexible base protects your paint from the strongest wash chemicals, bird droppings, and swirls. The serum is also resistant heat changes as extreme as shifting from -40 to 250 degrees Celsius.

We offer Crystal Serum Ultra as both a standalone application and as combined with EXOv4.


Crystal Serum Light is a high-density ceramic layer resistant to swirls, dirt, and contaminants. The serum forms an ultra-durable layer of 9H clear ceramic that is exceptionally glossy and slick to the touch. It resists chemicals across the pH scale and prevents tree sap, tar, and hard water spots from ruining your paint.

Crystal Serum light is also extensively resistant to extreme temperature changes. The ceramic coating will stay strong in temperatures as low as -40 and as high as 250 (in Celsius).


EXOv4 Ultra Durable is one of the best hydrophobic coating products on the market. After application, your paint will be protected by a hard film that repels water and chemicals. You won’t have to worry about wash chemicals or road salt ruining your car’s perfect finish.


SB3 Alpha Coating is a premier coating offering a High Solids formula of 9H protection. Its advanced properties make it the best choice for durability, slickness, and overall protection. Backed by a 5-year third party warranty, there is no better choice for your vehicle! Alpha creates a permanent bond to your vehicles paint that is not removed by harsh chemicals once fully cured.

Alpha protects against light marring, UV Rays, bird bombs, bug jerky, and other environmental conditions. Boasting a 110-degree contact angle, the self-cleaning effect is unrivaled. This reduces the need to wash as often and easier washing and cleaning experiences when the need to wash arises. The elements of nature don't stand a chance against Alpha! For those who demand the best, look no further than SB3 Alpha.


SB3 Solo is a great entry level coating, that offers the similar characteristics to Alpha and Omega including slickness and gloss. Solo however only has a one-year durability rating.

Solo’s has a dramatic darkening effect giving your vehicle a deep high gloss shine and a slickness that will help with hydrophobics making your vehicle easier to clean.


For years Ceramic Coatings have been protecting various substrates. SB3 Coatings was the pioneer in developing the world's first with a formula specifically for Motorcycles! Moto is the first of its kind and provides what the rider needs to make life easier when it comes to maintaining his motorcycle.

Moto is a 9H formula designed for high temp situations. Moto can be applied to chrome, paint, aluminum, and other vehicle surfaces. Moto has a very slick surface on paints and plastics and will make removing bugs and tar a simple task. Chrome will stay shiny longer and will never need polished again! If you ride, simply put, you need Moto!


Vortex Ceramic Wheel Coating is a proprietary formula that promotes extreme durability with unsurpassed hydrophobic self-cleaning capabilities. This 9H semi-permanent formula provides a protective barrier between your wheels or calipers and brake dust, road grime, and crud that is known to build up on them.

Once applied you will understand just how much this product can make your life easier, when it comes to maintaining clean wheels and calipers. Vortex truly is the best wheel protection on the market, designed to help prevent oxidation and corrosion. Vortex wheel coatings are designed to last at least 2 years.


SB3 Hyde will preserve the leather, while keeping the factory look. It’s a non-greasy formula designed to protect your vehicles leather against UV Rays, transfer, and stains for one year. Hyde will keep your leather soft and supple, while allowing for easy clean up. This form of protection helps maintain resale value by properly protecting the most vulnerable surface of your vehicle.

Paint Correction Levels and Prices as Follows:

Level 1 Correction

Small-$399 | Medium $449 | Large $499

Recommended for Generally Lightly swirled marred paint

Level 2 Correction 

Small $699 | Medium $749 | Large $799

Recommended for Medium / Deeper scratches holograms and swirls

Level 3 Correction 

Small $999 | Medium $1049 | Large $1099

Recommended for heavy water spot removal, deep scratches, swirls, or for someone to trying to bring their car paint as close to perfection as possible

*Note: some new cars require more paint polishing than the customer realizes, and some scratches may be too deep to remove.