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Congratulations and thank you for visiting Wiseguys detailing. Here you will find what a ceramic coating is, the benefits of ceramic coatings and what they do.

Ceramic coating is a nano liquid polymer, and when applied to the surface adds a sacrificial layer that bonds to your clear coat. Ceramic coatings are harder, smoother, more chemical resistant than a factory clear coat. It will enhance the glow of your paint. It replaces the need to wax your car for the duration of your chosen coating i.e. 18 month 5 year 9 year etc. The benefits to having a ceramic coating are: Your car will stay cleaner longer, washing your car becomes easier, swirl resistant, feels smooth and has self cleaning properties. With so many different options and misleading information on the internet, we at Wiseguys Detailing have worked with and tested many top name coatings and a lot of them are great! But to simplify what we thought would be the best coating to offer for longevity, gloss and slickness we chose Gtechniq for our customers. If you have any questions feel free to email, call or text us . We look forward to hearing from you!

Product Listings

Gtechniq - Smart Surface Science

Gtechniq Price starting at:

  • Exo - 18 month coating $399
  • CSL - 5 year coating $699
  • CSU - 9 year coating $999
  • Add EXO to top CSL or CSU for $199
  • Note* Each package includes Decon Wash Clay and primer polish
  • -Mid size vehicles: add $100
  • -Extra large vehicles:add $200
  • Interior Coating Starting at $299, includes: Seats, Carpets, All plastic and vinyl

    Note* mid-size vehicles add $99 extra large vehicles add $199

  • Wheels off coating plus calipers $399

Paint Corrections

  • 1 Step Correction $299
  • 2 Step Correction $499
  • Note* mid size vehicles add $99 extra large vehicles add $199
  • Annual Coating Maintenance $199
    Includes wash, decontamination and top seal